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FounderSatish and Venkat
Tax ExceptionsExempt tax under 80G of IT Act
NGO Reviews4.5
Contact us10, B, Ist A-Main.Sector6, HSR layout Bangalore 560102

The rural children always suffer a loss in their education due to a lack of teachers. But Evidyalok a non-profit NGO which is based in Bangalore has taken a drastic step to teach quality education for the children of rural Indian. Many volunteer teachers have joined this organization from all over the world to teach the children of remote and rural villages Of India using modern technologies. The passionate teachers connect the children in the digital classroom in a rural government school and teach for two to three hours a week. These digital classrooms as setting up by the NGOs in that area with the main motive to provide education to all those children who want to become something in life and serve the country but not able to attain education due to lack of money and technology. The children of the age group 10 to 14 are mainly benefited with the subject in Maths, Science, and English.


FounderMahantesh G.K and SP Nagesh
Tax Exceptions50% tax exemption under sec 80G of IT Act
NGO Reviews4.2
Contact usCA 39, 15th cross, sector -4, HSR  Layout, Bangalore 560102

Samarthanam NGO trust is mainly based in Bangalore with many centers across India and abroad to empower the disabled and underprivileged persons and children who lack in the field of education and livelihood because of their disabilities. This organisation has also won National Awards as they stand as a mark in their initiatives in providing quality education , accommodation,  nutritious food, sports, and many vocational training programs. From the last two decades, the organization has set up many rehabilitation centers, livelihood resources centers, and sports associations for the visually impaired people. Not only this, this NGO has expanded its services to various areas, invoking others also to join hands with them and serve these people to their utmost development an earn their livelihood as a respectable person and face the daily challenges without any hustle.

               NANHI KALI

FounderAnand Mahindra
Tax ExceptionsSection 80G of ITACT
NGO Reviews4.5
Contact usK.C Mahindra Education Trust, Mumbai 400001

Nanhi Kali is a organization that is set up for the empowerment of the girls basically through its education. Education is the only source that can have an positive impact on the woman of the nation. Program Nanhi Kali is one of the India’s biggest project that ensures to provide education to all the underprivileged girls to complete 10 years of schooling as a basic education. It also serve to provide all necessary things needed in education and keep girl children in school. This was first and rural initiative where girls are deprived of the education. Many volunteer donor has stepped forward, to fund this NGO and serve the nation as the pro project Nanhi Kali has expected to enroll many girl children in school and make it one of the largest project in providing the elementary education to uplift the life of goals .

              SMILE FOUNDATION

FounderSantanu Mishra
Tax Exceptions80G of ITACT
NGO Reviews3.5 rating    
Contact usV-11 level 1, Green Park Extention, New Delhi 110016

Smile foundation is a non profit organisation with the mission of education programme to all those children who have the potential to attain education and become something in life but not able to do so because of their poor background, poverty, living in on the streets, and working in unhygienic conditions. This organisation has successfully reached these children who have talents and provide them quality education. In addition to this, the NGO has served to provide them proper nutrition food and overall development through their active participation in various activities. More than 50,000 children every year has been benefited by this mission and overcome their poverty by their efforts to attain education and other step towards a bright future. The NGO gets its funds mostly from donations from business enterprises and individuals.


FounderMadhu Pandit Dasa
Tax Exceptions50% tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act.
NGO Reviews4
Contact us72,3rd floor, main road, Industrial suburb, Bangalore 560022

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit charitable due in India that has been successful in the operation of the midday meal scheme for around two-decade in all the government and government-aided schools. The main motive of the foundation is to attract an educated it should educate more and more backward children in school who are not allowed to take basic education because of hunger. The foundation ensures to provide a nutritional diet to the malnutrition children along with elementary education for their better development. The program was duly supported by the Government of India and various other state government. The organization provides free mid-day meals to more than 1.8 million children in various 20,000 government schools all over India. India is facing two major problems among the children is hunger and illiteracy. To overcome this problem, this NGO is successful in its work by feeding on the nutritious mid-meal, every school day proper hygiene and healthy food are prepared in the kitchens of the Akshay Patra. Many business organization has voluntary stepped in to fund this foundation from their interest income.

               GIVE INDIA

FounderVenkat Krishna
Tax Exceptions50% tax exemption under 80G ITACT
NGO Reviews5
Contact usBengaluru, Karnataka India

Give India offers a chance to a person to donate to 200 plus NGOs across India who is working to help the needy people. Give India is a non-profit organization that only helps to raise funds across the world by online platforms so that each individual can contribute directly to the people in urgent needs. Give India itself doesn’t help the needy person but becomes a bridge between the person who want to give and the NGOs at work to help the persons in need. Give India had made a list of NGOs on their website which works on the cause of education, employment, Adderley, Disabilities, Environment, Woman’s empowerment, etc. On their website, donors can know whether the donation was exactly used by giving them feedback reports of beneficiaries who got benefit from the donation. Moreover, the donation on these sites is 50% tax-exempt from 80G or 100% tax-exempt from 35 AC. It connects more than 50,000 Indian donors with over 150 NGOs in India.

                  Sree Ramaseva Mandali

FounderSr. S.V Narayanaswamy Rao
Tax ExceptionsSection 80G IT Act
Official Websitewww,
NGO Reviews4.7
Contact us21/1 SV Narayanaswamy Rao Marg Banglore, Karnataka

Sree Ramaseva Mandali is a cultural organization which organized Indian classic music festivals in Ramanarami for the past 80 years. He helped to preserve, protect, and promote Indian classical music. This music festival is 31 days long, viewed by two to three lacs of audience. This festival is also known as Tomorrowland of Indian classical music and organization as the Temple of Music. This Mandali has provided states to almost 15,000 plus musicians in these last eight decades. This amazing team of 100 volunteers helped the management to implement everything. The NGO is dedicated to uplifting the rich cultural heritage of our country through the essence of music. The Mandali has served for many decades in preserving and promoting the spirit of Rama to the public as a cultural festival along with the classical music across the country. It also aims to establish a musical educational institution that trains and teaches classical music and dance to all the volunteers.

                    MAGIC BUS

FounderMaltew Spacie
Tax Exceptions50% tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act
NGO Reviews4
Contact usJK Textiles Building, Mehra Estate, Vikhroli, Mumbai 400079

Magic bus NGO is founded 20 years ago. It helps the poorest children and young people to come out of poverty by skilled them in some vocational activity or give them knowledge so that they can come out of poverty. This is the largest poverty alleviation program which helps almost 1400000 lack children to equip them with skills and knowledge which they need to grow up and be successful. Each session is made fun and appealing to children to face the situation and challenges in their life. This helped them to break the cycle of poverty. Magic Bus enables the children to finish their secondary education, delay marriage age, and make young people skill to get a job. Magic bus trains the people and young children of the age group 12 to 18 years to live a meaningful livelihood ahead.

             BOSCO ORPHANAGE 

FounderSaint  John Bosco
Tax Exceptions50% tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act
NGO Reviews4.5
Contact usYuvodaya 91, B street Gandhinagar 560009

Bosco orphanage is a non-government and a volunteer organization that has been rendering services in all the major cities of India, about the growing concern of street and working children. The NGO has a firm belief of every child has the right to attain education rise and live with all of his wishes. It offers services in training the children above 15 and below 24 years of age who are economically poor to earn their livelihood. The NGO has all the volunteers who gather the homeless children and give them space and shelter to live besides this, they also provide food and education so that these homeless children can live a happy life in the future. The street program deals with empowering the youth children and engage them in work to earn enough money to cover up their daily expenses and thus protecting the rights of children.


FounderBraja Kishore Pradhan
Tax ExceptionsUnder 80G 50% of the donation for Indian donors
NGO Reviews515
Contact us9th Block , building no. 1343 , Bangalore centre mall, bangalore, Karnataka 560069

Aahwahan is a non- profit organization that is aimed at the welfare of that section of society that is backward in economic terms by employing in all the various sectors of the economy. The motive of this NGO setup was to eradicate poverty from the roots. Every people should be given equal opportunities to earn their livelihood and raise the standard of living. The organization believed in the social-economic development of the whole economy. Due to urbanization, many people are ruined so with the formation of the Aahwahan, a step has been taken to bring about a change in the rular development of the people.  The program includes woman empowerment, committee development, conservation initiatives, and many more with the power to create hope and smile on each face, the NGO provides high-quality service.

        SOS  Children’s Village

FounderHermann Gmeiner
Tax Exceptions50% tax-exempt u/s 80G of IT Act
NGO Reviews4.8
Contact usNational office, Institutional Area Nelson Mandela Marg Vasant Kum, New Delhi 110070

SOS Children’s Village is a non-profit and n  government organization that provides a home and a family-like environment for all the homeless, parentless, and abandoned children who are left over to grow up on the streets. This NGO renders service in providing alternative families to all the leftover children so that they could get proper parental care. Currently, there are more than 20000 SOS Children village facilities all over the world. They also take care of providing loving homes and full care of the family for up to 25 children in a 5 family house.


FounderM.C Ramesh
Tax Exceptions50% tax exempt under station 80G of IT Act
NGO Reviews4.8
Contact usLalitha Bhavan, Mandur, Bangalore East, Bangalore-560049

 A non-profit organization has a philosophy that the basic right to dignity and self-determination has been the basic right of all men, women, and children. The marginalized section of society should also have the opportunity and choice to enhance their potential. So Vidyaranya a charitable trust work for child upliftment, Woman Empowerment Girl, Child Education, and food shelter for disabled children. Its focus on educating and engaging children with special needs. They have taken many initiatives to spread awareness towards education, the environment, ecology, and the betterment of humanity. It makes sure that marginalized weaker section dignified and healthier life. This organization focused on five districts like Bangalore Urban, Hassan, Bangalore ruler, Ramnagar, and Chikkallapur and executed different development programs for women aged person children, and the disabled, to give them a better life.

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