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Butterflies India

FounderRita Panicker Pinto
Tax ExemptionsSection 80G
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Contact UsC/0 PrabhaTara, Mohammadpur Village, R. K. Puram Sec-1, South Delhi, Delhi-110066 011-26163935

Founded in 1989, Butteflies India has been catering to the needs of the children living on the streets and slums in India. Initially, the NGO spread their services to various corners of Delhi only. But later on, with more and more grants and supports from others, the NGO has spread their branches and now, they are operating over several underprivileged districts in India and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It started with educating the street and slum children with the aim of providing a better life to them.

But now, they have launched several initiative programs for the overall development of these children which includes cognitive growth, physical and mental growth, and also for nurturing the hidden talent and skills in them. In fact, Butterflies India has started emphasizing on the violence and abuse these children face and the effects of such events on their health and mind. The sole aim of this NGO is to uplift the living conditions of the street and slum children and provide them a better future.

Here are some of the programs that they have launched till date:

  • Street education program
  • Mobile schools
  • Children’s development Khazana
  • Child health & sports cooperative
  • Child protection


FounderShri. Chackochan Y
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Official website
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Contact Us46, Institutional Area, D Block, Janakpuri, New Delhi- 110058 011-28520347

Deepalaya was established with an aim of developing the living conditions of the poor people living in rural areas and urban slums and streets in India. It is considered to be one of the largest operating agencies in Delhi, catering to the needs of several districts and localities where people are living in poor to poorest conditions, with no proper healthcare facilities, education, and even the basic amenities. Apart from Delhi, Deepalaya also focuses on the poor communities of Haryana and Uttarakhand.

Along with this, Deepalaya also focuses on developing the standards for children, specifically the girls. The team is working hard to reduce gender discriminations amongst the children and provide them with equal rights, be it in terms of healthcare facilities or education. The NGO also works for boosting the mental health by working on the causes of violence towards the girls. Through their programs, they have raised funds for improving the women’s hygiene in rural areas and slums, provided relief to several areas hit by any natural disaster, sponsor the education for disabled children, and so on.


FounderAnshu Gupta
Tax ExemptionsSection 80G
Official website
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Contact UsJ-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 011-26972351

As the name suggests, Goonj took the initiative to help in improving not only the society and the people living in it but also the environment and livelihood. The team focuses on developing the rural conditions and provides the poor people a reason to look forward with hope, smile, and joy.

Here are some of their programs that have gained quite a great success in terms of results and appreciations.

  • Dignity For Work: via this initiative, Goonj has encouraged the rural communities to transform the old and outdated things into a useful resource in the villages like building of bamboo bridges, digging up wells for irrigation, repairing the roads to the schools, and so on.
  • School to School: with this initiative, the tea focuses on providing education to the children of several poor and rural communities in India. They distribute several educational tools and accessories to the village and slum schools so that no child has to leave school.
  • Not just a piece of cloth: this initiative focuses on the improvement of women hygiene by providing them cotton-based sanitary napkins which are manufactured by women themselves.


FounderRippan Kapur
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
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Contact Us632, Lane No. 3, Westend Marg, near Saket metro station, Saiyad-ul-Ajaib, New Delhi- 110030 9811440014 9811952888

CRY is one of the recently established NGOs in India, whose primary focus is on children. According to the surveys done by the NO, it has been observed that the lack of proper care and amenities affects the children the most, be it due to lack of proper immunization or proper schools for underprivileged kids. This is why the agency has taken several initiatives and launched many programs for developing their living conditions and health.

Here is a brief description of how CRY is slowly developing the conditions of the children in several Indian communities.

  • Understanding the issue and finding the root cause
  • Associating with the start-up NGOs for better and widespread functioning
  • Teaching and spreading awareness amongst the local communities
  • Getting support from the public via campaigns, institutional partnerships, and others.
  • Bringing the change in the lives of children by providing immunizations to children less than 1 year of age, proper education to kids between 6 to 18 years, helping the children to avoid malnutrition below 5 years of age, and so on.

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation

FounderKailash Satyarthi
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
NGO Review4.8
Contact UsA23, Mathura road, friends colony west, New Delhi-110065 01147511111

From the name itself, you can understand the sole aim of this NGO is to provide a safe and better place for children to live in. The founder of the NGO is a nobel laureate who was awarded this prestigious award for his contributions towards child development in India. His NGO speaks for those children who don’t have a voice for their dreams or are abused and exposed to different kinds of violence. Kailash’s goal is to provide freedom to every child, irrespective of caste, color, religion, and financial status.

This NGO has two main programs under their flagship which aim for developing the lives of many children.

  1. Bal Mitra Gram or BMG: This program helps those children who are exploited and abused in different forms, be it mental violence or physical abuses. It works for empowering the children and provide them top class education. It focuses on the withdrawal of child labors, admittance of every child to schools, and participation of them in various activities.
  2. Bal Mitra Mandal or BMM: This program is launched for the overall development of children in urban slums where the NGO is focusing on providing them a better livelihood, education, and healthcare facilities.

HelpAge India

FounderJackson Cole, Samson Daniel
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
NGO Review4.5
Contact UsC-14 , Qutab institutional area, New Delhi- 110016 011-41688955/56

HelpAge India was founded by two foreigners who saw the plight of the elderly people in this country and were left heartbroken from the scenes. That’s why the name “HelpAge India”, which suggest helping all those people who need help direly more than anyone. The goal of HepAge India is to provide a comfortable lifestyle to the aged people which will have proper healthcare facilities, healthy and nutritious foods, livelihood supports, a comfortable place to live in, and so on.

This NGO works closely with several senior citizen associations to ensure that they can get proper care and nurture in their old ages. The team works tirelessly to bring positive change in the elder people’s lives by promoting several campaigns, taking them for thorough health checkups, funding the surgeries and other intensive treatments, providing services to the old age homes, helping the elders to make their livelihood and become independent, and so on. This is why this particular NGO has become so famous all over India. It is not only supported by several public and corporate sponsors but also by a lot of foreigners.


FounderAmod Kanth
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
NGO Review4.5
Contact UsICPAPUR, Sealdanga, PO- Santraganchi, Dis Howrah, West Bengal- 711104 9836509314 03365551282

Prayas is one such NGO which is working for the overall development of the Indian rural communities and the urban slums. Working for more than two decades, the NGO has launched several initiatives to ensure that they can achieve their vision with flying colors. Following is a list of problems Prayas focuses on in India.

  • Child labor: one of the major problems that the Indian villages are witnessing till date is child labor. Since the villages are financially not that much developed, everyone works to earn the bread, including the children. This is what Prayas is trying to eradicate from Indian culture- using small children to do the adult works for earning money.
  • Women empowerment: according to the beliefs of Prayas, every woman should be self sufficient so that they can live their lives on their terms. This is why they arrange for campaigns, awareness programs, and even small business initiatives to empower the village and slum women.
  • Healthcare facilities: the hospitals and small clinics present in the villages are not equipped with proper healthcare amenities, be it in terms of manpower resources or medicines, surgical instruments, and others. Prayas is working closely with the urban health centers to develop the rural health.

Cancer Patient Aid Association

FounderY.K. Sapru
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
NGO Review4.7
Contact UsH/1572, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi- 110019 01126270470, 01126272298

The main goal behind this NGO was to understand the root cause of the increasing cancer cases in India, spread awareness about the reasons, and then work on providing proper healthcare facilities to people who are at higher risks of cancers. The team works on teaching the backdated communities about the risks of cancer, the symptoms to look for, the proper way of treatment and other facts about this particular disease.

Since their time of inception, they have worked on several programs to ensure that every cancer patient can stay strong, both mentally and physically. The NGO has collaborated with several hospitals and other facilities to ensure that the patients are receiving proper treatment at low costs.

Here is a list of activities the NGO is involved in:

  • Spreading awareness: the volunteers and other members of the NGO work hard to spread more awareness about cancer and all other related facts to those people who lack even the basic knowledge about cancer.
  • Screening: this involves listening to the patients and then screening them to understand the extent of the cancer, the type, and so on.
  • Patient care: this involves providing proper facilities to improve both the physical and mental health of the cancer patients.

Care India

FounderArthur Cunning Ringland, Wallace Campbell, Lincoln Clark
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
NGO Review4.8
Contact Us512-A, Deepshikha Building, 8, Rajendra Place, New Delhi- 110008

Care India is one of the oldest NGOs in Delhi, since it has been operating for over a half century now. The NGO focuses on eliminating poverty and social exclusions from the backdated communities around the entire Indian subcontinent. Since 1950, several developments have been introduced in the working styles, programs, and the beliefs of the NGO. But, their mission to improve the lives of both women and children of the Indian slums and villages has stayed intact.

Following are the societal areas where this NGO focuses on:

  • Health: since almost forty percent of the Indian population receives very little to no healthcare facilities, the mortality age is slowly reducing, causing deaths at unexpectedly early ages. This is where Care India focuses and tries to provide high-class healthcare services to this population.
  • Livelihood: rather than waiting for someone else to earn the bread, Care India is encouraging the women and the elder people to earn their living with the help of their talents.
  • Disaster preparedness: for this, the NGO is working actively with disaster relief associations to spread awareness about the risks of any disaster, the dos’ and don’ts’, and so on.

Robin Hood Army

FounderNeel ghose, Sanchit Jain, Anand Sinha, and Aarushi Batra
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website 
NGO Review4.2
Contact Us 

Just like the name sounds this particular NGO was established to ensure that the hungry faces can relax a bit at least once with free foods. This is why the NGO has associated with several restaurants, diners, cafes, and other eating places, and distributes the extra food to all those places where people can literally eat anything to satiate their hunger. The team works on establishing more and more contacts with the eateries and ensures that no food is wasted.

Following are the communities and areas where the Robin Hood Army focuses one:

  • Homeless families living on the Indian streets that usually sleep most nights without proper food.
  • Orphanages where children crave for some delicacies but can’t demand from anyone.
  • Night shelters where people relax with just having a shelter to pass the night that they chose to ignore their hungry stomach.
  • Abandoned children, who sleep on streets, live in the slums, or the homes.

With such a mission, Robin Hood Army has been able to cater to the needs of hungry people in more than ten countries including India.


FounderPoonam Bagai
Tax Exemptions80G
Official website
NGO Review4.5
Contact UsJ-161/A, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi-110049 01140512467 01145512466

Cankids focuses on the children who are suffering from various kinds of cancers, be it blood cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, or anything else. The NGO was established with the sole aim of providing better healthcare facilities to the children living in rural areas, slums, and in other poorly living areas. Over the years, the NGO has launched several programs to educate the communities and spread awareness about how the disease can affect a child’s physical and mental health. The volunteers travel around to organize campaigns where parents and caregivers are taught how they should handle a cancer child. With their intense efforts, several children have been able to recover faster than what the doctors prescribed originally. This is why the NGO has earned a lot of appreciations in the past few years which has helped the teams to conceive more new ideas to help the children overcome this difficult stage of their lives. They have separate programs for the proper development of both physical and mental health of the young cancer patients. Cankids have associations with both rural and urban healthcare facilities so that they can provide the best treatment to the cancer children from all over the country.

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